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HAD Girdle Viewer III
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By Presidium
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HAD-Girdlel Lcd Viewer III Item No. XWJ-121 The Digital Girdle Viewer is an innovative solution for displaying the wide variety of information t..
Ex Tax:$450.00
HAD Muti Diamond Viewer for diamond brillance&Girdle GIA Code&Heart arrow HAD Muti Diamond Viewer for diamond brillance&Girdle GIA Code&Heart arrow
New Hot
Three in one screen viewer for diamond: brilliance,cutting, and girdle GIA code. Applied to both loose diamond and ring. A must instrument for jewelle..
Ex Tax:$950.00
This girldle inscription viewer, includes an LCD screen that eliminates the need for clients to struggle with a loupe. The viewer easliy to find the d..
Ex Tax:$430.00
ARI is developed as a handheld PRESIDIUM DIAMOND VERIFICATION INSTRUMENT® to help identify colourless diamond against CVD/HPHT lab grown colourless di..
Ex Tax:$1,199.00
In it’s second generation, the Presidium Gem Tester II provides a quick and easy way to identify diamonds/moissanites and separates up to 16 common co..
Ex Tax:$229.00
Presidium Dial Gauge measures from 0.0 to 23.0mm in 0.1mm divisions. The PDG features an easy-to-read millimeter and carat scale, and is only dial gau..
Ex Tax:$126.00

Gemological Instruments


London New Polarizing Dichroscope London New Polarizing Dichroscope
New Hot
Model: YQ-792
NOTICENew dichroscope has a larger observation area and is more convenient to use than Calcite Dichroscope , which is suitable for minerals with stron..
Ex Tax:$32.00
Diamond & Gemstone Suspension Display Box Diamond & Gemstone Suspension Display Box
New Hot
Model: Z-403-2
The lid of the box is high transparent, with an internal sticky design that can be used to hold the stones in place.Conveniently used to display a set..
Ex Tax:$1.76
Acrylic Diamond & Gemstone Display BOX Acrylic Diamond & Gemstone Display BOX
New Hot
Model: Z-734
A new designThe interior contains two colors of sponge..
Ex Tax:$1.95
Transparent Gemstone & Diamond Tweezers with Grooved Tip-Achromatic  Transparent Gemstone & Diamond Tweezers with Grooved Tip-Achromatic
New Hot
Model: Z-020
Grooves tip to hold the gems more securely.The tweezers are made of transparent plastic tips, which will not damage gems and have higher color restora..
Ex Tax:$19.90
Model: Z-960
Leather PU Diamond & Gemstone Display Tray Box With Magnetic Cover Stone Storage Beads Jewelry Stand Holder Gems Organizer Case Black..
Ex Tax:$8.20

HAD Rotating Photography Box

The HAD 360 Jewelry Photography Studio features a built in turntable base as well as a removable aerial necklace stand. The speed of the turntable and aerial stand can be adjusted to move fast or slow.

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