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Brand: Motic Model: XWJ-006
Professional Gem Microscope   The world's top three microscope lens and high resolution image with High brightness LED point source, dark field illumination and top fluorescent light source. 1.Magnification: 7.5-45X 2.Eyepiece: WF10X 3.Bright field, dark field (Halogen 20W) and 7W fluo..
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Brand: Motic Model: XWJ-0063
Professional Gem Microscope     Magnification: 7.5 – 45X Eyepiece: WF10X Bright field, dark field (Halogen 20W) and 7W front illuminator, LED point source Microscope lens:  MOTIC SMZ-161 Iris diaphragm: 2mm - 41mm Working distance: 110mm Inclinable up ..
Ex Tax:$2,950.00
Brand: Motic Model: XWJ-096-T
Magnification: 7.5-45X Eyepiece: WF10X            ..
Ex Tax:$850.00
Brand: Motic Model: XWJ-097-T
Magnification: 7.5-45X (continuous zooming) Eyepiece: WF10X Brand:Motic    ..
Ex Tax:$1,050.00
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