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ARI by Presidium

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ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
ARI by Presidium
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ARI is developed as a handheld PRESIDIUM DIAMOND VERIFICATION INSTRUMENT® to help identify colourless diamond against CVD/HPHT lab grown colourless diamond and all types of moissanite. It is suitable for testing on both loose and mounted stones, including jewelry pieces with a closed back setting.

Through advanced proprietary technology, ARI measures the UV light absorbance ability of diamond and moissanite. With its touch screen colour LCD display, ARI provides a clear and accurate result of “Diamond”, “CVD/HPHT/Type IIa” and “Moissanite” within 3 seconds.

Product comes with 1-year warranty.

Powered by 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (up to 4 hours of continuous usage) or Presidium AC adaptor


User-safe UV Retractable Optical Probe activates only when tip is in contact with the diamond

Alert Buzzer for loss of contact between optical probe tip and diamond during testing

A 6-Language selection in the Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Battery operated with stylish ergonomic design for portability and ease of use

Tests on colourless diamonds and moissanites from D to J colour

Catered for both left-handed and right-handed users alike


Identifies colourless diamonds against Lab Grown CVD/HPHT diamonds and all types of moissanites, including the new “low conductivity” moissanites

Tests on loose or mounted diamonds in all jewelry settings, including closed-back setting

Replaceable Optical Probe tip technology for users to replace any worn or damaged probe tips yourself, minimizing any equipment downtime

Instantaneous results in 3 seconds for consecutive testing

Tests on polished diamonds and moissanites of all proportional cuts as small as 0.02ct


Length: 190mm (7.5 inches)

Width: 46mm (1.8 inches)

Height: 25mm (0.9 inches)

Weight (without batteries): 60grams (0.13lb)

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