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Gemstone Gauges

Model: C-0010
Gemstone Gauges Sensibility: 0.01 mm Length: 20 mm..
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Brand: Presidium Model: C-0011
Presidium Dial Gauge measures from 0.0 to 23.0mm in 0.1mm divisions. The PDG features an easy-to-read millimeter and carat scale, and is only dial gauge in the industry that combines dual measurements for gemstones in millimeters with corresponding carat conversion for round brilliant-cut gemstones...
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Brand: Gemlogis Model: C-0050
Gemlogis Saffron Sorting Gauge The Gemlogis SAFFRON provides direct digital readout as you pick up loose stones with ease. It is the most convenient way for sorting gemstones of various sizes. No need to hold a tweezer in one hand and a gauge in the other. Includes one A76 alkaline battery...
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Brand: Presidium Model: C-0001
Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge is the industry’s first digital gemstone gauge and remains the only reliable one able to convert gemstone dimensions to estimated carat weight for round brilliant-cuts. Utilizing solid-state electronics to accurately measure up to 1/100mm, this gauge also featu..
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Brand: Presidium Model: C-0005
Presidium Gem Computer Gauge measures the dimensions and estimates the weight of loose and mounted gemstones with precision, speed, and ease. It is the only gauge in the industry that is able to give direct estimation of the weight of various gemstone of a range of 9 popular cuts, giving users the ..
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Model: C-0002
Three button gauges measures three decimal places, millimeter or inches. Zero at any setting. Made of high-impact plastic and measuring tips are stainless steel. Auto shut off. Case included...
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Model: C-0058
Gemstone Gauges Description : This compact instrument will do everything that a leveridge gauge is used for and display results in digital format. It is small enough to carry in your pocket. It can measure from 0 to 25 mm (()-1") with an accuracy of 0.01 mm (0.005")..
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Model: C-0020
Measuring Range : 0.01-25 mm / 0.0005-1 inch   Unit : mm / inch   Resolution / Instrumental Error : 0.01 mm / 0.02 mm   Response Speed : 1500 mm / sec.   Weight / Dimensions : 150 g / 35*138*21 mm   Battery : CR2032*1..
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Model: C-0021
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Resolution:0.01mm Measuring Rang: 0-25mm, 0-1in Indication error: ±0.02mm Power supply:1.5 V Button cell Operation Temperature: 0~﹢40℃ Storage Temperature: -10~﹢60℃   Operation humidity=80%..
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Model: C-0161
Square shape. For pearls. Measuring from 0.01 up to 25mm accuracy. Stainless Steel and high impact nylon Body. Zero at any settings. Supplied in a protective box with a battery. Features auto shut off function...
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Model: C-0133
Excellent for measuring all kinds of pearls and stones. Smooth action assures accuracy. Gauge is made to zero out when closed, and open automatically. This assures a gentle force when measuring soft stones and pearls, Dial features "zero adjust" and is accurate to 0.1mm. Maximum opening width is 20m..
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