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Gem Travel Lab

Model: YQ-930
Including:1. Gem Tweezer2. Digital Gauge3. Digital Gem Scales4. Diffraction Grading Spectroscope5. Calcite Dichroscope6. Jadeite Filter7. Gem Loupe (10X)8. Pocket Torch (White & Yellow) Aluminum Case Size: 22*19*7cm..
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Model: YQ-931
Including:1. Diamond Tweezer2. Digital Gauge3. Diamond Loupe (10X)4. Diamond Inscription Loupe5. Heat & arrow scope6. Pocket Torch (White & Yellow)7. Display Ring Stone Holder8. Scoopes Aluminum Case Size: 22*19*7cm..
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Model: YQ-937
From Sunlin, this portable laboratory is housed in a durable aluminum case, making it ideal for travel and evaluation on the goIncluding:1. Gem Refractometer2. R.I Liquid3. Table Polariscope4. Diffraction Grading Spectroscope5. Calcite Dichroscope6. Jadeite Filter7 .Hardness Pencil Moh's 5-98. Gem T..
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Model: YQ-932
Including:1.Mini Gem Master S.G.Kits2.TANITA 1230 carat scale up to 20 gModes: carats, troy ounces, grains and grams. • Includes a removeable gem cup, transparent protective cover, overload indicator and automatic shutoff. • Large easy-to-read LCD display. • Automatic calibration with 20g calibratio..
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