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Gemstone Tester

Model: YQ-1105
GEM Luminescence Imaging System can help the user to judge batches of small diamonds quickly (as small as 0.001 carat) and mounted diamond. The Ultraviolet fluorescence image and the phosphorescence image of natural diamond and synthetic diamond are different. machine excites diamond to becomes lumi..
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Model: YQ-1106
Synthetic diamonds are streaming to the market nowadays.High pressure high temperature (HPHT) synthetic diamonds and CVD synthetic diamonds can not be visually recognized.For the security of diamond trading, a portable diamond inspection equipment GLIS-MINI is presented. The smallest size of measure..
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Brand: Presidium Model: YQ-100-2
In it’s second generation, the Presidium Gem Tester II provides a quick and easy way to identify diamonds/moissanites and separates up to 16 common colored gemstones based on their thermal conductivity with its clear and direct analog display. A newly redesigned inbuilt calibration reference and adj..
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Brand: Presidium Model: YQ-101
Presidium Duo Tester II (PDT II) is the only comprehensive tool on the market that combines two proven testing methods for gemstones. PDT II differentiates diamonds from its simulants based on both their thermal conductivity and reflective indexes. Coated gemstones can also be generally tested with ..
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Brand: Presidium Model: YQ-103
The Presidium Gem Indicator, the only handheld tester in the industry specifically for colored gemstones, indicates up to 31 different types of colored gems based on their thermal conductivity and even features a color input function that allows users to select from a range of 12 common colors, ther..
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