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Model: YQ-610-1
Specification:   Gemmologist tool for testing transparent gemstones  Observation of optical properties, glass strain, etc.  Full visible light spectrum. (400nm-700nm)   A CONOSCOPE is included.  Detachable European style crocodile clip included, you can rotate..
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Brand: HAD Model: YQ-612
Dual Light Source SwitchingYellow light has good penetration and can reveal the internal cracks and impurities of jadeWhite light has good color rendering,and can help the user see the true color of the gemstone.General InformationA gemstone polariscope is a commonly used method for testing gemstone..
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Model: YQ-626
Description :This polariscope is a new design product, it uses LED illumination with brightness variable control, equipps with Li-Ion rechargeable battery, enables a cordless operation. A polariscope is used to detect if a stone has one or two refractive, and is able to detect if a stone has interna..
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Model: YQ-610-2
Gemmologist tool for testing transparent gemstones The "Conoscope" for gem table top Polariscope,helps determine uniaxial and biaxial optic figures in doubly refractive gemstones In good quality,made by aluminium alloy and high quality optic lens Conoscope size :L75mm(3 inch) Viewing lens ..
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