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Model: YQ-525
Refractive Index is one of the most important optical parameters used to identify and authenticate polished precious and semi-precious gemstones. This Gemmological refractometer is a low cost, lightweight measuring instrument used by jewellers and traders of gemstones to measure polished stones over..
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Model: YQ-529
Specification:Hard Cube Zirconia measuring prism.Scale range:1.35-1.85.Accuracy: ±0.003,High quality optical scratch proof glass.Aluminum alloy table which is 45mm thick.By advanced optic system,shadow edge is straight and sharp,easy to read it.   Internally installed the narrow band ..
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Brand: Presidium Model: YQ-410
By measuring the quantity of light reflected through the stone, the Presidium Refractive Index Meter II (PRIM II) is able to separate diamonds, moissanites and other colored gemstones via the Refractive Index (R.I) of these polished gemstones. Unlike a traditional refractometer that has a limited..
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Digital Gem Refractometer Gemstone Tool Digital Gem Refractometer Gemstone Tool
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Model: YQ-530
Digital Gem Refractometer is a nice optical instrument which will give a reading of the refractive index of a clean, flat, well-polished facet to reproducibility of 0.007RI index units. This digital refractometer cover the full range from 1.30 to 2.99RI, The normal oil type refractometers range is u..
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