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Model: YQ-772
Dichroscope & Spectroscope   A pocket spectroscope helps its owner analyze light passing through gem material. By discovering what colors of the spectrum are absorbed by the gem, the viewer can understand the distinct characteristics of that gem, gathering useful clues about its identity...
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Model: YQ-770
Dichroscope & SpectroscopeIt shows a complete color spectrum, exhibiting vertical black lines or bars at certain points of the spectrum that indicate the specific gemstone identity. To distinguish natural fancy-color diamonds from diamond that have obtained their color by irradiation; To separat..
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Model: YQ-776
Dichroscope & SpectroscopeMade in JapanDeluxe Portable Prism Spectroscope provides a wavelength scale to make reading easy. Its quality optics give a clear, bright image. The moveable tube makes focusing easy. Measuring less than 4", this spectroscope is convenient to carry...
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