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Gemstone UV Light Box -- LW & SW Bargain

Gemstone UV Light Box -- LW & SW Bargain
Gemstone UV Light Box -- LW & SW Bargain
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Gemstone UV Light Testers


  • Gemmologist tool for UV Fluorescence effect !
  • In excellent condition, size  19(L)x 18(H)x 23(W) cm
  • Compact & Durable
  • UV light is used extensively for revealing luminescent effects. Two ranges of UV light are used in GEM testing:
  • LWUV: 365nm

SWUV: 253.7nm

UV fluorescence can be particularly helpful in the process of distinguishing diamond from its simulants .


  • UV lamp : 4W each
  • wavelength : LW 365nm & SW 253.7nm
  • Weight :  3.5kg

How to use: 

1.    Assemble your kit like the diagram, it's easy! Ensure no leakage between the box and the cover.

2.    Place your specimen inside the dark box.

3.    Select the UV wavelength, press the wavelength button for over 1 second, for interchange, just press your selection for 1 second without turn the light off.

4.    Get your observation through the window, don't try to observed directly as it will harm your eyes.

5.    You can use solely the UV light source for larger stone but please beware the UV exposure and ensure enough UV protection.

Chart of some UV responses

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