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Diamond Inscription Loupe

Brand: HAD Model: XWJ-116-A
This girldle inscription viewer, includes an LCD screen that eliminates the need for clients to struggle with a loupe. The viewer easliy to find the diamond laser inscription in few senconds. Used internationally by jewellery outlets, wholesalers or retailers to show the laser inscription on the gir..
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Brand: HAD Model: XWJ-122
Higher Resolution, Image Storage, and an Enhanced User Experience!Key Features 1.Diamond's Special Identity: The HAD Girdle Viewer helps you easily recognize the laser inscription on diamonds, symbolizing their unique identity and quality.2.High-Resolution Display: Equipped with a 4.2-inch LCD ..
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Model: J-838
A convenient way for you and your customers to view inscriptions on the girdle of a diamond. Available in 20x  ..
Ex Tax:$48.00
Brand: HAD Model: XWJ-121
HAD Diamond Girdle Viewer helps in easy viewing of Girdle of your precious diamonds for readings of laser inscription on it.Its max zoom-in capability helps to view the letters on a diamond easily on an attached LCD display with your naked eyes.There is no need to go for a high-end microscope for ju..
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Model: J-820
Give yourself and your customers the ability to easily locate and present the inscription on a laser-inscribed diamond with this elegant and useful presentation tool. the second generation Inscription Loupes features a new micro-fine focusing method, via rotating base knob, that enables better contr..
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Model: J-850
This original tool lets you view the laser inscription in the girdle of the diamond. The knob at the base allows you to focus with ought moving the gemstone or ring.Len power 20x..
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Model: J-845
 Diamond Inscription LoupeLens Power-20X    ..
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Model: J-840
A convenient way for you and your customers to view inscriptions on the girdle of a diamond.Len power 20X..
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Model: J-880
Instant use pen type Gem microscope, totalmagnification 20X ,Monocular viewing: eyepieces WF 5X Characteristic functions:• Adjustable focusing knob to get sharp image of observed diamond• Specialized design clip to hold diamond for observing girdle of diamond• Can provide eyepieces with reticles to ..
Ex Tax:$130.00
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