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Hearts&Arrow Loupe

Model: J-800
Hearts and arrow viewerSize:85 x 300 x 230Made in Japan..
Ex Tax:$74.00
Model: J-623
Specification: 3×3×7 (cm) Welcome to print the logo  ..
Ex Tax:$3.20
Model: J-500
The new disc of a valve that allows to verify the quality of the cut of the dimaond, The New disc of a valve that allows to verify the quality of the cut of the diamond,The cut will be acceptable only if the diamond under the disc of a valve will give one vision of heart or arrow.    ..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Model: J-601
Specification: 2×2×6 (cm)Welcome to print the logo..
Ex Tax:$2.50
Model: J-505
Hearts & Arrows Viewer or Scope with Purple Backgrounds. Only the finest cut round brilliant diamonds will show the distinctive 8 hearts and 8 arrows when viewed thru the hearts & arrow scope. Use these scopes to show your customers the perfect symmetry of these fine stones or use the s..
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: J-510
This Deluxe high quality hearts and arrows scope allows the retailer to show the customer the perfect cut of a diamond showing a symmetrical pattern of hearts and a pattern of arrows on the table side of a well proportioned ideal cut stone. Complete with a loose stone base if required and packaged i..
Ex Tax:$12.00
Model: J-508
Deluxe Heart & Arrow Scope  ..
Ex Tax:$35.00
Model: J-553
Hearts and Arrow Viewer with Stand  ..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Model: J-508-1
Product Name : Hearts & Arrow Presentation Tray with Viewer   Dimensions : 9" x 5" x 1 1/4"   Description : View Arrows on rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets & loose stones.  Comes with an acrylic tray with adjustable focus metal H&A viewer ..
Ex Tax:$50.00
Model: J-520
HEARTS AND ARROWS DIAMOND CUT POCKET VIEWER SCOPE.  This listing is for one (1) NEW scope. This item is IDEAL for viewing ROUND diamonds.  Fancy cuts (shapes other than round) are best viewed with a three-color scope...
Ex Tax:$2.00
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