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SARTORIUS GL124-1S(600ct*0.001ct) SARTORIUS GL124-1S(600ct*0.001ct)
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Brand: Sartorius Model: GL124-1SCN
GL Sartorius impresses with new technology. The high-precision balance Sartorius GL124-1S was especially developed for effective and safe weighing tasks. The improved  and clearly structured user interface with its logical assignment of keys and excellent readability through the backlit displa..
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Ohaus Carat Scale--1000ct*0.001ct
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Brand: Ohaus Model: CPJ-1103
Ease of use. When you need to get a heavy workload of repetitive applications done fast and reliably, day and day out, the last thing you need is a lab balance so complicated that it causes operating errors and wastes your valuable time as a result. Welcome to your new Extend balance comfort zone: a..
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