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Super gemological microscope

Super gemological microscope
Super gemological microscope
Super gemological microscope
Super gemological microscope
Super gemological microscope
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Use apochromatic optical system to restore the true color of samples

Excellent optical zoom performance

The stereoscopic microscope provides 18: 1 zoom ratio

Provide high resolution and 18x zoom ratio, with 7.5x-135x zoom range under 10X eyepiece to meet your usage needs from sample overview to detailed observation.

The high NA objective

Use the newly developed high NA 1X stereoscopic objective. The NA up to 0.15.

Apochromatic optical system

Using apochromatic optical system not only in the bright field, even in the fluorescence field, to ensure uniform field brightness at the lowest ratio and the image is clear and reliable at high ratio.

Trinocular viewing head and digital imaging

The viewing head is comfortable to use

The viewing head and the visibility is adjustable. So you can observe in the most natural and comfortable position. This can minimize the visual fatigue caused by long time observation.

Digital viewing

Standard trinocular viewing head can be connecteted with camera to realize video real-time observation and Images taken. And equipped with special image analysis software to meet your various imaging and analysis in scientific research

Large operating space

Long working range and wide field of view

1x objective can provide a working distance of 60mm to facilitate you to place and move samples. NA up to 0.15 can provide you with clarity for further study. Large field of view allows you to see a wider and more comprehensive sample area.

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